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Thursday, 27/23

Wykesha Dixon
Directors Track

Talent Coaching / A-124

Annette Collins
Directors Track

Intentionality / A-128

Natasha Harris

Understanding Child Development / Summit

Robin Rettie

Behavior! The Human Brain and Body / C-150

Karl Bastian

Ministry is People--Not Programs / A-126

Shelley Akins

Kids Praise Kids Worship / C-112

Jessica Salas

Face Painting 201 / Youth

Chris Smith

Creating your Own "Gab-A-Teria" / Journey

Dr. Rick Chromey

Teaching with Power / F-110


Axe Throwing / Behind TheGym

Krystal Malichi

Organizing a Dynamic Classroom / A-120

Vickie Maertz

Escape Room!

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