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Wednesday, 26/23

Albert Wright
Directors Track

Expulsion: A Short Term Solution / A-124

Lori Buxton
Directors Track

Becoming a Coaching Leader / A-125

Casey Casteel

Meaningful Leadership / C-116

Kara Gore

Communicating and Connecting / C-145

Natasha Harris

Creating an Engaging Learning / C-150

Christi Priddy

Developmental Milestones 1.0 / M-105

Lynette Tello

Every Student Can Learn / M-102

Karl Bastian

Leading Children to Jesus / A-126

Marlyn Kramer

Addressing Challenging Behaviors / M-104

Kristy Thornton

Supervision-The Super 7 of Supervision / Summit

Chris Smith

Do You Ever Wonder Why Part 2 / Journey

Barbara Cargill

Marci Sawyer

Keep Kids Excited About Learning! / M-103

Leisha Davis

Guided Tour Through Steam / C-126

Dr. Rick Chromey

Holy Cow: A Survey of World Religions / F-110

Dr. Ginny Watkins

Story with Props and Storytelling / M-108

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

1 Book 2 Book 3 Book, More / M-106

Diane Goyette

Melissa McKenzie

Dorris Burnworth

Lock Down Drills / Sanctuary

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