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Thursday, 27/23

Natasha Harris

Where Did the Time Go?

Albert Wright

Rebuilding Organizational Trust Part 2

Lakeshia Nnamani

Training Your Dream Team

Kristin Miller

A Child's Well-Being

Marlyn Kramer

Using Nursery Rhymes

Stella King

Motor Development for "On the Move"

Wykesha Dixon

Signs of Child Abuse

Alba Bunnell

Social and Emotional Interaction

Karl Bastian

Bringing Stories to Life

Annette Collins

Turning Every Lesson /Theme Biblical

Jessica Salas

Face Painting 201

Chris Smith

Come "Calm" With Me

Kara Gore

Wonderfully Made Preschoolers

Christi Priddy

Effective Communication

Dr. Rick Chromey

Holy Cow: A Survey of World Religions

Julie Hamilton

Loose Parts: What, Why, What to Do

Lori Buxton

Eat Cake for Breakfast….

Dr. Marianne Gibbs

Handwriting Prerequisites Pt 2

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Using Children's Portfolios

Krystal Malichi

The Joy: Just Own You in What You Do

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