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Thursday, 27/23

Natasha Harris
Director's Track

Where Did the Time Go? / A-124

Albert Wright
Director's Track

Rebuilding Organizational Trust Part 2 / A-125

Lakeshia Nnamani
Director's Track

Training Your Dream Team / A-128

Stella King

Motor Development for "On the Move" / Summit

Wykesha Dixon

Signs of Child Abuse / C-150

Alba Bunnell

Social and Emotional Interaction / M-102

Karl Bastian

Bringing Stories to Life / A-126

Annette Collins

Turning Every Lesson /Theme Biblical / C-112

Jessica Salas

Face Painting 201 / Youth

Chris Smith

Come "Calm" With Me / Journey

Kara Gore

Wonderfully Made Preschoolers / M-103

Christi Priddy

Effective Communication / M-105

Dr. Rick Chromey

Holy Cow: A Survey of World Religions / F-110

Lori Buxton

Eat Cake for Breakfast / C-145

Krystal Malichi

The Joy: Just Own You in What You Do / A-120

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Using Children's Portfolios / M-106

Barbara Lynn

What's Always in Style? / C-116

Tom Wilbeck

You're a Rock Star / Sant

Vickie Maertz

Escape Room!

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