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Thursday, 27/23

Wykesha Dixon

Organization Process Development

Albert Wright

How to Run an Effective Staff Meeting

Annette Collins

When We Mess Up, We Fess Up

Kristin Miller

A Child's Well-Being

Marlyn Kramer

Using Nursery Rhymes

Natasha Harris

Creating an Engaging Learning …

Robin Rettie

Identifying a Disability

Alba Bunnell

Building Strong Foundation Early

Karl Bastian

Managing Ministry Without Losing Your Mind

Shelley Akins

Let's Put On a Music Program!

Jessica Salas

Face Painting Gone Wild!

Chris Smith

Giving Children Their "Voice"

Kara Gore

Wonderfully Made Preschoolers

Christi Priddy

Effective Communication

Dr. Rick Chromey

Teaching with Style

Julie Hamilton

Loose Parts: What, Why, What to Do

Lori Buxton

Eat Cake for Breakfast….

Dr. Marianne Gibbs

More Fine Motor Skills Pt 2

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Understanding Our Own Biases:…

Krystal Malichi

Why Productive Struggle in Learning

Barbara Lynn

Building a Bridge to 2nd Language

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