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Wednesday, 26/23

Kara Gore

Managing with Confidence, Creativity…

Kristy Thornton

Increasing Your Enrollment

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Program Policies-Steps to Policy..

Casey Casteel

Little People with Big Feelings & Behaviors

Lori Buxton

Rules of Engagement with an Angry Child

Natasha Harris

Understanding Child Development

Christi Priddy

Relationship Based Teaching

Lynette Tello

Every Student Can Learn

Kristin Miller

Fine Motor Development-Facts & Fun

Marlyn Kramer

Healthy Strategies … Potential Conflicts

Albert Wright

The Importance of Parents!

Chris Smith

Science? Math? Check it Out!

Barbara Cargill

Hooray for Habitats!

Frida Parson

From Textbook to the Classroom

Leisha Davis

Guided Tour Through Steam

Julie Hamilton

Loose Parts: What, Why, What to Do

Dr. Rick Chromey

Sticky Learning

Julie Hamilton

Rainy Day Activities

Meredith Akers

Get Your Teacher Tech Ready!

Dr. Ginny Watkins

Story with Props and Storytelling

Diane Goyette

Young Scientists in Action

Marianne Gibbs

Errorless Learning…Who Knew?

Melissa McKenzie

Break Out of The Box with Bible Lessons

Kirby Luna

Just Calm Down! Emotional Regulation!

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