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TueSDAY, 25/23

Kristin Miller
Directors Track

Natasha Harris
Directors Track

Where Did the Time Go? / A-125

Diane Goyette
Directors Track

Kara Gore

Wonderfully Made Toddlers / A-120

Marlyn Kramer

Engaging Infants & Toddlers …Math / M-104

Christi Priddy

Together Time With Infants-Twos / M-105

Shelley Akins

Music Fun for Little Ones / C-126

Melissa McKenzie

 Get Up & Move / C-112

Albert Wright

Albert's Guide to Transitions / Summit

Lori Buxton

Back to School--Ready? Set Go! / C-145

Melissa Williamson

The Road to Building Resilience / C-116

Frida Parson

Sustainable Food Fun / M-107

Chris Smith

Creating your Own "Gab-A-Teria" / Journey

Dr. Rick Chromey

Motivate Me / F-110

Krystal Malichi

The Joy: Just Own You in What You Do / M-103

Julie Hamilton

Karl Bastian

They're Tools, Not Toys / A-126

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Brainstorming Guidance… / M-106

Dr. Ginny Watkins

Maintaining Traditional Values… / M-108

Robin Rettie

 Behavior! The Human Brain and Body / C-150

Lynette Tello

Building a Classroom Community / M-102

Barbara Cargill

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