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Wednesday, 26/23

Pastor Andrew Keyes

Preschool/Church Relations

Meredith Akers

Create Communication that Stands Out

Casey Casteel

Understanding Anxiety

Natasha Harris

Understanding Child Development 

Lynette Tello

WOW! How Do We Manage It All?

Marlyn Kramer

Developing Fine Motor Skills…

Chris Smith

Do You Ever Wonder Why Pt1

Barbara Cargill

Hooray for Habitats!

Shelley Akins

Music Fun for Little Ones

Dr. Rick Chromey

Sticky Learning

Julie Hamilton

Rainy Day Activities

Diane Goyette

Sensory Processing Disorder….

Kirby Luna

Just Calm Down! Emotional Regulation

Melissa McKenzie

Break Out of The Box w Bible Lessons

P Drake H Bruce

What's the Buzz? Science of Reading

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