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TueSDAY, 25/23

Lori Buxton
Dicrector's Track

Cultivating a Resilient Team Culture / A-124

Andrew Keyes
Dicrector's Track

How to Partner with Parents in Faith / A-125

Kara Gore

Wonderfully Made Infants / A-120

Christi Priddy

Toddler Power ...& ... Behavior / M-105

Shelley Akins

Music Fun for Little Ones / C-126

Albert Wright

A Child's Language: Play-Based / Summit

Stella King

Stem Supersized--The PE Way / C-145

Marci Sawyer

Keep Kids Excited About Learning! / C-116

Karl Bastian

Bringing Stories to Life / A-126

Dr. Ginny Watkins

Transitioning Your Day / M-108

Rebecca Mueller

Child Development & the Learning Environment / M-102


Axe Throwing / Behind The Gym

Barbara Cargill

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