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TueSDAY, 25/23

Patty Stirling

Patty's Primary Songs

Stella King

Stem Supersized--The PE Way

Frida Parson

Adding A to Stem

Natasha Harris

Director's Roundtable

Diane Goyette

The Importance of Play…

Chris Smith

Giving Children Their "Voice"

Marlyn Kramer

Connecting with Infants & Toddlers

Dr. Rick Chromey

Why Kids (Really) Misbehave

Krystal Malichi

Organizing a Dynamic Classroom

Julie Hamilton

Loose Parts: What, Why, What to Do

Melissa Williamson

Sensible Spaces & Predictable Places

Chris Smith

Giving Children Their "Voice"

Drs. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Using Children's Portfolios

Robin Rettie

Identifying a Disability

Lynette Tello

Where is Mother Goose

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