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Wednesday, 26/23

Albert Wright

The Importance of Staff Training

Lori Buxton

Leaning In

Meredith Akers

Create Communication that Stands Out

Casey Casteel

Little People with Big Feelings & Behaviors

Kara Gore

Slow Down: Appreciating a Child

Natasha Harris

Positive & Engaging Teacher/Child

Christi Priddy

Developmental Milestones 2.0

Lynette Tello

Top 10 Reasons to Use Puppets

Karl Bastian

Ministry is People--Not Programs

Kristin Miller

Fine Motor Development-Facts & Fun

Marlyn Kramer

Developing Fine Motor Skills…

Kristy Thornton

Professionalism in Early Childhood Education

Chris Smith

Science? Math? Check it Out!

Barbara Cargill

Hooray for Habitats!

Marci Sawyer

Keep Kids Excited About Learning!

Marci Sawyer

Keep Kids Excited About Learning!

Leisha Davis

Guided Tour Through Steam

Dr. Rick Chromey

Jurassic Parked: The Bible & Dinosaurs

Julie Hamilton

Dollar Store Fun

Dr. Ginny Watkins

Magical Music Times

Dr. Joanne Baham & Taylor Cook

Supporting Second Language Learning

Diane Goyette

Supporting Children with Autism

Dr. Marianne Gibbs

I Can Do It Myself

Melissa McKenzie

Get Up & Move

P Drake H Bruce

What's the Buzz? Science of Reading

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